May 8, 2017

These guitar slides will teleport you farther than Proxima Centauri … if you’re able to listen to the whole track.


February 5, 2017

If you’ve got a glass of the green liquid, this is perfect waiting for the sugar melting.
Don’t use it if you have to drive (but I find it great driving across the country).


January 30, 2017

We are illusions, the worst among you are acting like illusionists.

(a good link is always useful, in case you need it!)


January 24, 2017

In an instant … vivid visions from the past.


January 7, 2017

This time lights are bright … of course they come when you’re SpaceRocking!
… beyond Mars!

The Matrix

December 30, 2016

Some Lights from the Matrix …

Hollow spaces

November 12, 2016

Falling into those strange hollow cavities in the human universe, where everything is, more than a trivial fake, unequivocally and deliberately false.
Is this the result, after years of mass behavior programming?

Nature and its landscapes are undoubtedly a better world view … but perfectly useless in such hd spaces.
I’m looking for a black hole towards new, possibly far dimensions.

… of course this, and I hope more than this, is in a music track!


September 23, 2016

So close to me

August 22, 2016

You know: Death is here around, but we tend to forget it, unless she comes close to us in strange, unespected ways and moments. And then … Who is the ghost?

Blood Machine

August 9, 2016

That’s … HUMAN ROCK BLOOD flowing in my strings!


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